Single: $85 2 People (separate): $100 2 People (sharing): $100 3 People (sharing): $130 4 People (sharing): $160

Twiga & Buffalo

Twiga and Buffalo are twin rooms with two queen size beds each. With the perfect blend of modern design and rustic surroundings, both Twiga and Buffalo can accommodate a maximum of 4 people each. Guests have access to a private bathroom, spacious interior, and a large frontal terrace/lounge area overlooking Lake Ihema. It is important to note that these cottages are located at least 300 meters from the restaurant/ main area, with a beautiful stone path leading up to it through native acacia trees, savannah grass, and lake Ihema as a backdrop. It is only recommended for those that do not mind a little walk to their room, and thus has been given a discounted rate.

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